Software Intern (MERN Stack)

RideAlly Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Job Overview

  • Experience Level Fresher
  • Highest Qualification Graduate

About RideAlly

Rideally Travels Private Limited is an Indian startup, providing cab services in major Indian cities. RideAlly currently has a major presence in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi NCR

Other than that, we also serve multiple other cities through our Partner Connect scheme.
RideAlly works in both B2B and B2C mode. Our major business comes from the B2B model, where we provide cab services to multiple major companies in India for their Employee transport and other cab needs. However, we are fast expanding in B2C mode as well.

Company Website:

RideAlly believes in working with young talents, having a lot of energy and limitless learning capability. This not only gives the chance to young talents but also provides fresh talent to the continuously expanding Indian IT industry.

However, most of the graduate, regardless of university/college, are not employable after their formal education. They may have the theory knowledge but do not know how to apply that knowledge, to make a practical technical solution to a business problem. They need proper training before they can contribute to the industry.

An internship program is RideAlly’s attempt to fill that gap and hire their future employees.

Eligibility criteria

  • Only final-year BE and MCA students from an Indian college are eligible.
  • The internship will be online. Still, only Indians, living in India may apply.
  • You need to clean an interview. – RideAlly is not a coaching institute. You must already know some basic coding concepts that are taught in most of the colleges.
  • NOC from your university/college.

Feel free to contact us, if you believe you are eligible without meeting any of the above criteria.

Program: Internship and possible job offer after completing education.
Every year, RideAlly provides internships to 5-15 candidates with the following goals:

For RideAlly:

  • Give a chance to young talent to understand what to expect in real commercial and business work.
  • Get future employees for RideAlly, trained and shaped at an earlier stage.-

For Candidates:

  • Learn and apply the latest technologies to real-world business problems.
  • Get a possible job offer.
  • Even if the job is not offered, the experience gained during the internship will greatly help you get a job after your education.

Please consider 3 months internship as a 3-month long interview process. It is like an open-book exam. All the resources and guidance will be available to you and you just need to showcase what you can achieve with available resources.

At the start of your internship, you will be explained about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). If you tick all the checkboxes, you can be assured to have a job offer once you finish your final exams.

Below are some common points about stipend and salary, if you are offered a job.

  • RideAlly does not offer any stipend to the interns.
  • While a student, you should not work for money. If you are behind the money at this stage, RideAlly is not the right place for you.
  • It is time to learn and acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible.
  • It doesn’t mean RideAlly does not invest in the interns. RideAlly heavily invests in interns in the form of salaries of our most senior resources.
  • Interns are assigned multiple mentors, which are senior developers with high salary packages. These mentors will spend a lot of time with the interns, explaining to them practical crucial concepts, and high-performance system designs and clearing their doubts.
  • This also includes our Vice President of Technology, who has 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He will directly supervise intern’s progress and spend a lot of time with interns, to make them future-ready. This experience can not be easily matched elsewhere.

This is about the internship. After the internship, you may be offered a job as a consultant. It will work as follows:

  • Problem: During internship, interns also need to manage their studies and final exam. This means they can’t give 100% focus. They still need to prove they are worth the salary package they are offered.- To achieve it, we will start with a minimal package but will have a 0-100% increment every quarter during the first year.
  • This ensures, that your package meets your capabilities.
  • We will start with ₹10,000/month. You will be given a clear KPI for your next quarterly appraisal. You will also receive a monthly review of your progress directly from our Vice President of Technology.
  • At the end of the third month, there will be a appraisal, based on the KPI.
  • It could be anything between 0-100% appraisal.
  • If you fail to meet most of your KPI, the contract will end there.
  • This quarterly appraisal will continue during your first year of employment.
  • This means, at the end of first year, your monthly CTC could be anything between ₹10000-₹80000, based on your performance.

At the end of the year, you may be offered to join RideAlly as a permanent employee. Once a permanent employee, you will have annual appraisals like other employees.

RideAlly works on multiple technologies. In 2024, based on our future technology roadmap, we decided to have an internship in JavaScript technology. You will be offered an internship either in the backend (Node JS) or the frontend (React JS). Please note, it will be decided by RideAlly. If you work hard towards your learning and perform well, you can also be a full-stack developer (Both React and Node – Complete MERN Stack)

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