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InternGuru is an Internship board for Companies. We aim to bring the concept of Internship or apprenticeship to the center stage as it is an essential bridge in the development of any Student to Employee.

We help startups and middle-level companies to get the Right Intern at the Same Time; Candidates get an Internship in their desired field.

If you’re a business looking to recruit interns for your company that you can employ and don’t have an HR representative to recruit for your business, the Internguru can help.

Internguru is a highly trustworthy, Intern recruitment partner with expertise. 

We have in-depth market knowledge and fantastic network relations, meaning we will be aware of many vacancies that are not advertised, providing more opportunities for you.

We are specialized in Internship and Recruitment with several Serval tie-ups with Many Company and Its continuous development. 

This allows us to deliver fast results and a better perspective of the Industry. 

It’s equally helpful for our unique professional network of Interns & global corporate leaders.

  1. Free Internship Opportunity for Freshers.
  2. Bulk Intern Hire.
  3. Screening & Evaluation
  4. Tools and Platform for Internship Posting and Hiring.
  5. Employment Branding, Social Media Strategy, and Candidate Experience
  6. Strategic Sourcing.

Suppose you’re an HR or Employer searching for the ideal candidate for your organization. In that case, you will find suitable applicants on the Internguru Website.

Your Internship ad is visible on Internguru.com and to thousands of our Social Media followers, maybe on local news websites.


No! The sky’s the limit to the length of your post.

You can opt to end the Monthly Value Plan at any time using the link within the customer account preferences. 

You’ll be able to use the Plan even if there are days left within your current 30-day cycle. Check out our Terms and Conditions for cancellation here.

All Internguru retention and recruitment resources are included in our comprehensive resource library. First, select the “My” Internguru menu option and the Full Resource Library.

Website Related FAQ

Students can sign up and post a resume, Search for Internship Openings and apply for Internships on Internguru.

As a recruiter, If you are New, Just Signup and Then list your company and create an Internship. If you are an existing member, log in and create an internship. You will get a candidate response directly to your inbox.

Choose a plan and receive an opportunity to post Internships for no cost. Once you’re happy with the service, you can upgrade to pro, but it’s not mandatory. 

You can continue with the free Plan. You can cancel, pause or modify your subscription anytime by logging into your account.

Watch our video introduction to Internguru, create your profile, and look for sources. You must then follow the steps below to publish your Internship.

Your login credentials comprise your institution’s email and password. If you want to reset your password, choose the forgotten password on the sign-in page.

Check out the Internguru page to learn more about Membership and to fill out the form for prospective members. 

The support staff will assist you with the steps to follow. Are you not ready to join? Please find out more about our membership packages for Internship postings.

Please click the pencil icon below “Contact Information” in your personal page’s lower right corner.

You definitely can. We will not be Going to Delete your Shortlisted Candidate without Prior Notification.

Visit your page. Choose “My Account” from the “My Account” tab, then choose “Privacy Settings” from the drop-down menu. 

You will be able to determine what information is accessible to whom. After you’ve made your changes, you can click the “Save Changes” button at the end of the screen.

Your Internship advertisement will go live an hour after posting, and you’ll begin receiving resumes from Intern the moment we receive them.

The form to post an Internship only takes a couple of minutes to fill out. You’ll need to add the title of your Internship, its location, and description, as well as your email address, where you’d like to receive applications.

Absolutely! Please read our guide on Internship descriptions. For additional guidance, look at the Internship FAQ that we sampled.

For different kinds of issues, Reporting can be made at various places.

  • Report an Issue
  • Fraud Alert
  • Grievances

There are many benefits of completing your profile. Through sharing your bio and areas of expertise, as well as areas you are responsible for, members will be able to connect with you and reach out to you for help, mentorship, and community building. 

Another benefit is the possibility of Internguru getting to know you and creating relevant tools, resources, and professional training webinars.

A click on”Search “Network” as well as the “Directory” link on the navigation bar that is in the middle. The Directory allows you to search other users using:

  • First and last name
  • Company/Organization name
  • Email address
  • City, State, Country
  • Education

Log into your profile, click “My Account,” and then click the “My Account” tab. Then, select “Community Notifications” from the drop-down menu. 

On that page, you will find three options for subscriptions: Real Time, Daily Digest, and No Email.

Additionally, you can get a Daily and Weekly Consolidated Digest, which offers a complete view of the activity of the previous week or day for the entire community you choose to include in one message.

If images don’t show in your email client, it may block the Images because of security reasons.

This is something you can alter to your security or viewing preferences.

If you’d prefer a text-based email, Go to your profile page and click”My Account.” choose Notifications and then the “Plain Text” selection for any discussion you’re signed up to.

It is important to note that uploading an image is achieved through several steps. Therefore, each procedure must be finished before you move on to the next one:

  • Select a title for your document and then include a summary (optional).
  • Then, choose the library where you’d like to submit your document and choose the folder where it is best to submit it.
  • Next, select one of the entry types (most would be Standard Files, but be mindful of any copyright-protected content).
  • After you’ve completed the steps above, hit “Next. ” Upload your file.
  • Choose “Next” If you wish to describe your files further and include labels to the file. If not, select “Finish” to publish your library’s entry.

In our complete Frequently Asked Questions List, you will find the answers to the most common questions asked by the Recruiters. 

If you have any specific questions we have not answered below, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@internguru.com or at +91-9540928385. Use the contact us form to send your feedback on our website.

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InternGuru is a part of the Fresh initiative by JobSquare with Aim to bring the concept of internship or apprenticeship to the center stage as it is an essential bridge in the development of any Student to Employee.

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