How to Get Internship 2024

The economy is changing daily, and with that talent, skills, experience and growth needed to be a part of that cycle are too. Getting an internship can be a bit difficult, but every problem has a solution!

Some points to get an Internship


Explore your interests as you want to make sure you enjoy the work. Write down a few career fields you want to build your career in, and search internships in those areas.


If you start small you don’t have to feel pressured to get your dream internship right away, especially if you don’t have prior work experience. Instead, think about the skills and interests you currently possess, and which position you might be a good fit.


Visit websites based on internships you never knew you might find a job or an internship which you were looking for for so long. You can search for the internship titles you’re interested in applying filters and narrow down the list accordingly.


Leverage your network reach to your friends, family, teachers, classmates, professors to see if they know anyone hiring and get more information about internships, as getting a personal recommendation can make a huge difference.


You can always directly contact the company you want to get in if they are not having any relevant internship by just mailing them a letter of interest you will never know if you don’t give it a shot!

Preparing your Application

No matter what internship you will apply for, it’s very important to have few key tools in your hand.

  • Firstly, and the most important one is your Resume, it shows your skills, talents, educational and professional background, your name, contact details, education qualification, work experience (if any).
  • List your key wins and accomplishments, highlight all the awards you have won. In short, keep it simple, clean and easy to read.
  • Your Cover Letter adds additional context to your application, it should be noted though that it should not be similar to your resume but moreover, it should be eye catching to whoever is reading to see how fit you are for the position.
  • You can start with some unique quote or an opening line. Share a few ideas about how you would contribute to the company and just mention some things you’ve learned about the company as it will showcase your interest towards the company.
  • Portfolios are excellent to show your skills if you are entering in some creative fields by highlighting the projects you’d like to do moving forward.

With your tools ready you can easily apply to a lot of different company’s it would take some time, a lot of tries but eventually you’re bound to hear back.


Interview like a pro by getting some basic information about the company before the interview. Just be positive and go for it! No one wants to hire a candidate who makes it clear that this isn’t their first choice. Be yourself and feel free to speak whether it’s right or wrong and express your point of view.

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