Tata Consultancy Internship Services 2024 ? Here’s all the information !

Known as the world’s most well-known and famous IT service brands, the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and it has its offices in across 46 countries. TCS provides services which include consulting and business solutions.

A lot of people’s dream is to work in one of the offices of the Tata Consultancy Services and get a lot of new experiences. But did you know? TCS offers internships as well through Academic Interface Program to all the students from India and abroad.

If you think you can also apply for the TCS internship then today we are going to give all the information about the internship programming in this article. So keep on reading!

How can you Apply Tata Consultancy Internship 2024?

For all the students from India you need to register directly from their website and submit your resume. All the students outside India the Global Internship Program is being held.

You can also contact the TCS academic relationship managers through your college’s Training and Placement Cell for better chances of selection process. They will usually get back to students within a reasonable time if there are vacancies. If not, you can contact your Training and Placement Cell.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Tata Consultancy Internship 2024 ?

  • All the students who are either graduate, or are in their postgraduate period and even all the Ph.D. students can also apply.
  • Tata Consultancy Services offers internships only in few colleges to the top 2% of its campus-recruited students only.
  • To all those students who won in the competitions held by the colleges like CodeVita, TCS had offered internships to them as well.

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The After Process of Applying 2024

Selections of the applicants are done through the CVs and they are selected primarily on the basis of their marks in the relevant field and the projects they have submitted. As, the number of the internship vacancies are always minimal.

After a candidate has been shortlisted, a few technical and HR interviews round would be conducted over the phone which the candidate have to go through.

You may be asked questions based on your skill and knowledge you are best in, or based on the projects you are involved in. Technical questions can be both general and specific (e.g. questions about programming languages).

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Here are few of these questions which can be illustrated with a few examples:

  • Why did you choose this language to work on your project?
  • What can top websites like Flipkart or Amazon do to improve their applications?
  • Please describe the details of the project that you completed as part of your curriculum.
  • How do you increase the efficiency of an algorithm using data structure?

The questions for the HR round are fairly standard like:

  • Where do you see yourself after this internship after five years?
  • We have other requirements as well. Can you work to fulfill them?
  • What was one of the most difficult situations you were ever in and how did you handle it?

TCS conducts an aptitude test for all those candidates who have secured internships by other means rather than simply registering on their website. The aptitude test is administered in the office of TCS and includes questions on verbal reasoning as well as quantitative ability.

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Advice from Ex-Interns to all the Freshers

  • “Follow up” This is the keyword to get in an organization that is spread across 46 countries. TCS receives a lot of internship applications daily. So giving a friendly reminder could help you out as it is possible that your resume may get lost in the bowels of HR’s mail account.
  • The knowledge transfer session is always essential and every candidate should take advantage of it and be focussed and should be taken seriously.
  • Research as much as you can as there are many laboratories of R&D in the Tata Consultancy Services that hire interns. If you are interested in joining one of these labs, it is worth doing thorough research. They do R&D in various areas/subjects.
  • And ofcourse your mentors or guides will always be there to help you out. They strive to make you as productive and comfortable in your new environment of your fresh start towards the job. They are available to offer technical advice as well as non-technical guidance.
  • However, don’t expect them to be your teachers who would feed you every small thing as they simply won’t entertain the smallest of doubts. You have to work hard, do your research and get to work. They expect you to realize that you are responsible for your actions.

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Conclusion- Tata Consultancy Internship

This was all about the Tata Consultancy Services internship and the details on how you can be a part of the company. You just have to work a little hard and you can be one of the lucky ones to have an internship at TCS.

We hope the information provided was valuable and helpful. Thank you! Also, the information was compiled from interviews with ex-interns at the company. For the most current information, we would encourage you to visit the TCS website.

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